As you might imagine, there has been an increase in anxiety, sleeplessness, and nightmares among clients. Things have undeniably changed in our community. However, our individualized approach to care remains – and is more important than ever.

McClendon Center has always provided a 24 hour on call staff member, but recently we have adjusted that.  Each of our five teams now have their own on call staff member. Individual teams know our clients. Knowing their history and individual experiences teams can quickly problem solve with knowledgeable solutions, providing the best care possible.

Last Friday one team responded to a client in crisis and was able to arrange safe accommodations for them that same night. Already in short supply, crisis beds are now even more difficult to access. Immediate psychiatric care has become even more challenging to find as access to emergency rooms has been halted. Being linked to a provider like McClendon Center is essential now to get care.

We are proud to provide that essential support to all our current and new clients. Understandably other agencies have stopped taking on new cases as funds run low and staff is cut. We have not– we are fortunate. We remain fully staffed and are sticking to our commitment to care for our community even in uncertain times.


PS – We are fortunate to continue our work because of generous supporters like you. Your gift, right now, will go to our frontline workers who are providing these critical services in our community. Thank you!

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