Meet Sandra – she is a McClendon Center artist and client. At MCC she learned that being creative is a way to express herself and to work through the uncertainty and loneliness of quarantine during Covid19.

When the in person Day Program closed due to the pandemic Sandra didn’t let that stop her from continuing to paint and create. She shared with us some of the pieces she has been working on over the past few months. We are sure you are as impressed as we are that she continued her art despite the challenges of quarantine. She is currently enrolled in the virtual Day Program that has been expanding since it went online in May. She will join the online classes this week. Since beginning the Virtual Day Program in May, there have been many changes and improvements as we use technology to bridge the gap and problem solve. Day Program staff are currently facilitating 84 groups per week. Staff continue to expand the program by training some clients to use their smartphones to connect via Zoom or by adding another platform: Google Duo. The addition of Google Duo allows us to reach eleven more clients who live independently and couldn’t take part in the group home sessions.  Other obstacles included access to computers. The program began using laptop computers, but in July MCC donated desktop computers with large monitors and higher quality cameras to 5 of our 8 locations. This allowed for an improved group experience as clients are now able to see the screens more clearly and interact with one another more easily. Utilizing the technology available and fine-tuning when necessary allows us to provide a sense of routine and a structured experience to more clients – both new and existing. Staying regularly connected to one another is vital for everyone during this time of isolation.

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