Carl Morrison - 2Carl is one of our most talented and prolific artists whose favorite subjects include landscapes and houses.

Born in Jamaica, Carl moved to the DC area when he was 12. He’s always been interested in creating art and despite his mother discouragement,he didn’t let that stop him from drawing. During his teen years, he began using drugs until, at 19 he overdosed and collapsed on the street. “If they [the people who called for an ambulance] found me 20 minutes later, I wouldn’t be here. I think God must have had another plan for me.”

During his hospitalization, Carl took an art class and was fortunate to meet an art instructor who took the time to work on his technical skills. Today, Carl gets his inspiration from visiting museums, walking around the city, and taking in what he sees around him. And though he’s lived here for the better part of his life, there is clearly a Jamaican vibe in his use of color and style.

“When I paint, I feel like I’m inventing something…I identify with the art that I’m trying to create.” Though he never feels his pieces are really complete, he gets a deep feeling of satisfaction knowing he’s making art.

Carl’s art will be featured at McClendon Center’s May 5 Art of Transformation event at Toolbox in the heart of Dupont Circle. Click HERE for event information and to purchase your ticket.