LaTishea Green may be petite but she packs a punch of personality, energy, and emotion – especially in her art.  Like many of our artists,  art is a way for her to express herself in a way words can’t.

She likes to experiment with all types of art mediums (like glitter, pen and ink, and paints) as well as styles. Lately, she’s been drawn to portraits and, in the video, shares a piece she’s working on during our open arts studio time. (apologies in advance for the poor lighting and zooming)

Being a single mother of three kids, ranging from 5 to 13 years old with two having special needs, Tishea stays busy juggling parenting and staying on track with her own mental health recovery. During the last year, Tishea’s artistic style has been transforming and she attributes much of her growth to Tyler Strusowski, our art therapist and artist-in-resident. “I pushed myself farther and farther than I’ve ever pushed myself.”

For the last two years, Tishea’s art has been a part of Art of Transformation but, not feeling confident, she’s never attended the events. But this year is going to be different! In her words, “This year I’m going to suck it up and stand up beside my artwork and express, with my words, what each piece means to me.”