We are honored to receive a generous grant from Capital Impact Partners in support of our Expressive Arts Therapy programs.

McClendon Center’s Expressive Arts Therapy program includes:

  • Art therapy, which  incorporates general art forms (i.e., painting, drawing) as well as journaling, written word, and photography to encourage clients to communicate their inner feelings and help them understand themselves better through the creative process.
  • Movement therapy, which is especially effective for clients with trauma, promotes self-awareness, a sense of control, and focus on the present-moment. Music and Sound groups encourages clients to explore emotional expressions through sound (e.g., clients may be instructed to “create a storm,” which may represent anger or frustration).
  • Music, in which clients are guided to actively listen and use music to regulate mood.
  • Indoor gardening therapy, which is based on horticultural therapy. Whether done in a large outdoor plots or in pots on the windowsill, the process is a metaphor for life’s ups and downs. Clients can see how nature works and heals itself, reconnect themselves to the external world, and work in the present moment.

Just as talk therapy (psychotherapy) uses words to express emotions and thoughts, expressive arts therapy uses the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing. This type of therapy is especially effective with individuals who find it difficult to articulate or connect with their feelings.

THANK YOU Capital Impact Partners for supporting our clients in the Expressive Arts groups, and for believing in our mission. 

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