We are grateful to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation for their recent grant in support of our nursing services and CRUE team.

During the past year, we have expanded our engagement and nursing services, which includes

  • Responding to McClendon Center clients who are still at (or just visited) the ER as well as create ERIPs (Emergency Room Intervention Plans) to decrease repeat visits, and thereby promote preventive healthcare and healthier living (CRISP Response and Engagement Unit (CREU));
  • Providing short-term primary care and coordination to members of AmeriHealth Caritas DC (one of three DC Managed Care Organizations (MCO)) who visit hospital ERs but do not have behavioral intervention needs (Medical Concierge (MedC));
  • Ensuring a seamless patient transition from (psychiatric) hospital care back into the community by providing aggressive care coordination with the individual and external service providers (Patient Discharge Coordination (PDC));
  • Finding MCO members in the community (many of whom are staying in shelters or are otherwise transient) who had previously been lost to treatment in order to re-engage them (Behavioral Health Engagement Services (BHES); and
  • Reaching out to MCO members immediately after being notified of emergency room visits and provides post-discharge assistance and care coordination. Tele-health psychiatric assessments are conducted and, if indicated, members are referred to McClendon Center (or any other preferred agency) for behavioral health services (Post Emergency Evaluation Services (PEES).

By providing treatment for our clients’ mental illnesses, and addressing their other needs (such as primary care, housing, socialization), we can help them dramatically improve their quality of life as well as decrease their reliance on emergency departments for non-emergency issues, thereby reducing the costs to DC’s health system.

THANK YOU, Capitol Hill Community Foundation, for supporting our clients and our mission.