It has been an extraordinary couple weeks in the District and the country. There are still many unknowns surrounding the Covid 19 virus. We will do our best to keep you – the McClendon Center family of supporters, friends, and neighbors up to date on our response efforts. Because of the quick escalation of the situation we have closed both McClendon Center locations.

McClendon Center has been through many challenges in our 40 years of service to the community. This experience gives us the ability to adjust when needed. Like in times like this. Right now, our dedicated staff are modifying care and operations, ensuring the best and safest care for our clients. Staff is coordinating with pharmacies to be sure clients receive their medications and when necessary, nurses are being deployed to give injections. There are crisis teams on call 24/7 ready to help a client in crisis.

Our Board of Directors are applying their diverse expertise and are supporting what’s best for client care and staff by encouraging all of our efforts.

We understand that these measures will result in a significant drop in billing and revenue, but we believe it is important to keep our clients as safe as possible. We also are endeavoring to maintain a healthy and viable work force with a focus on client care – and we will continue to do that.


PS: We know so many of you, when you see a need, want to respond. What can you do? A donation, large or small would help. Thank you!

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