Introducing McClendon Center’s Expanded Mission & New Look

For decades, McClendon Center has ventured into tent villages, under highway overpasses, and into public housing complexes tormented by substance use, violence, and generations of trauma.

We went there, and continue to go there, because we’re committed to transforming lives together with our clients, their families, and our all-important partner organizations.

From small beginnings come great things.

Given this new approach, we’ve created a more accurate, all-encompassing mission:

To support and empower people on the journey to becoming their best selves.

We believe this better reflects our whole-person-centered approach to care, which seeks to achieve overall wellbeing. Plus, since we’ll only grow from here, we wanted to ensure that our mission remains relevant for decades to come.

Alongside our updated mission, we’re also thrilled to unveil our refreshed company values, which come with an inspiring, easy-to-remember acronym —RAISE—which stands for Respect, Accountability, Innovation, Safety, and Excellence, as well as our new logo and tagline.

This logo celebrates the whole-person-centered work of transforming lives together with clients and partners. A community-based philosophy of care is the most long-standing pillar of McClendon Center; it’s what everything is built upon, and why we’ve been so successful.

Some of the attributes portrayed in this logo include excitement, celebration, happiness, friendship, family, and togetherness.

In celebration of the Black Diaspora, our new color palette draws inspiration from Kente cloth, whose patterns stem from the West African textile tradition. Kente is a meaningful sartorial device, as every aspect of its aesthetic design is intended as communication. The colors of the cloth each hold symbolism:

yellow = happiness/fertility
green = growth/renewal
blue = pure spirit/harmony
red = passion
grey = cleansing/healing
black = union with ancestors/spiritual awareness.

This heritage both contextualizes and informs our model of culturally-competent care for the communities we serve.

Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are just learning about us now, we’re grateful for the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves.

We hope you’ll join us as we continue to transform lives together with and for the most vulnerable people in Washington, DC.

With appreciation,

The McClendon Center Team

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