Meet Divya Moolchandani 👋

Divya has been part of the McClendon Board of Directors since 2016.

Divya Moolchandani, MHA, CHC, is a management consultant in KPMG’s Federal Healthcare Advisory practice and works alongside healthcare providers, payers, and federal healthcare insurance programs. Her passion is in improving access to affordable, quality healthcare for all. Divya is also an adjunct lecturer at the George Washington University, teaching Consulting in Healthcare at the graduate level.

As the new Chair of our Board, she helps to guide the overall philosophy and strategic direction of the organization

Keep reading to learn more about Divya and her experiences at the McClendon Center through our ongoing “Meet Our Team” feature.

Here’s what Divya shared with us:

What inspires and keeps you dedicated to the McClendon Center’s mission?
The employees of the McClendon Center keep me dedicated to supporting and driving the mission. These individuals bring their whole selves to their tough jobs, and they are driven to make their community better. It’s incredibly inspiring to see and support this level of dedication.

Why is the work of the McClendon Center so important?
My work in healthcare and health policy has taught me that to make large scale, systematic changes, we need to to focus on efficient and coordinated clinical operations, high quality care for people, and raising money to address community needs and social determinants of health. In my 6 years of work with the Center, this is exactly what I observe this organization do. Tony, our CEO, and his team understand the value of quality care and community, and they do it right.

As the new Board Chair, what are you most excited about going into 2022 (and beyond!)?
Mental health is having a moment. Especially after the pandemic, there is national attention, and voices are speaking out about the crucial value of dedicating resources and time to improving and maintaining mental health. The McClendon Center will continue to play a role in this effort, and I’m so excited to support the organization in going beyond its potential to making large-scale change.

When you’re not working, what brings you joy?
Spending time with my community and traveling to new ones (once we can travel again!). For now, cozying on the couch with some Netflix, my dog Quincy, and my partner Brad is how I take care of my mental health.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the McClendon Center’s network?

When I joined the McClendon Center, I wanted to make sure that I could truly make a lasting, sustainable impact, not just apply a ‘band-aid’ fix.

As the McClendon Center has taught me, community is everything. For those who are looking for specific ways to give back to your community: By supporting the McClendon Center, I see that every dollar goes to building a community for every single person in our beautiful city. Spread the word!

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