Everyone Deserves a Home

Upon intake, 30% of McClendon Center’s clients are homeless. We work hard to connect clients with safe housing options, but it’s not easy. In addition to being homeless, these clients suffer from mental illness, food insecurity, and other issues that make recovery difficult, to say the least.

This is why the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing cities to punish people for sleeping in public spaces is such a grave injustice.

Instead of working to address the root causes of homelessness, this decision criminalizes survival, making life even harder for people living on the streets, in parks, and in their cars. We need solutions that address the systemic issues leading to homelessness, not punitive measures that push vulnerable individuals further into the margins.

It’s time to take action and stand up for the rights of our unhoused neighbors.

Join us in advocating for compassionate and effective solutions to homelessness by participating in the Housing Not Handcuffs campaign.

Visit housingnothandcuffs.org/join to learn how you can help fight against this ruling and support efforts to provide housing and dignity for all.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that everyone has a safe place to call home.

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June Newsletter: Everyone is Welcome at McClendon Center

We Stand with Pride 🏳️‍🌈

It’s PRIDE month, and here at McClendon, we’re celebrating the same way we do every day–by embracing all people and ensuring that they have a safe place to celebrate being themselves.

Often, LGBTQIA+ folks from communities of color are reluctant to come out, which is why as a predominantly Black-serving organization, we make it abundantly clear that no matter who you are, you are accepted here.

Sheandinita Dyson, McClendon Center President + CEO

Celebrating Juneteenth 🖤❤️💚💛

Honoring Juneteenth means learning and growing. Earlier this week, we brought our Day Program participants together in recognition of Juneteenth. It was a wonderful opportunity for our clients to connect, learn, and reflect on the significance of this important part of our nation’s history.

McClendon Center has curated 5 essential reads to gain a richer perspective on this day of freedom and resilience.

Knowledge fuels empowerment—let’s harness it together.

Read our #JuneteenthReads

Hope Abounds at Spring Client Craft Show

Major thanks to everyone who came out to support our Day Program clients and purchased original artwork at the McClendon Center’s Spring Client Craft Show.

If you were unable to make it out, you can directly support our art therapy program by donating supplies to our studio via our Amazon Wish List.

View our Art Therapy Wish List

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Navigating the Path to Value-Based Care: McClendon Center’s Journey with Integrated Care DC

This Mental Health Awareness Month, Be an Advocate.

❌ No distinction.

❌ No stigma.

❌ No shame.

Mental health is health. PERIOD.

If we care about our bodies, we should care about our minds too.

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we’re asking YOU to be an advocate. Purchase this limited edition 𝐌𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐭𝐡 𝐢𝐬 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐭𝐡 tumbler today and help us spread the critical message.

All proceeds support McClendon Center’s work to create fuller lives for those with mental illness.

Be an Advocate + Buy a Tumbler

Make a Difference While You Shop at McClendon Center’s Spring Client Craft Show

McClendon Center Spring Client Craft Show
Tuesday, May 21 | 11 am – 1 pm
1313 New York Avenue NW, 5th Floor
Cash only!

Come give and receive some healing energy at our Day Program’s Spring Craft Show!

From mosaics and jewelry to paintings (and more), our clients have been hard at work creating meaningful works of art to showcase and sell to the public. Please note that this event will be cash only.

100% of proceeds from the Craft Show go directly to serving DC’s most vulnerable residents–people who are economically disadvantaged and struggling with mental health issues. 

Don’t miss it!

We’re On the Move!

McClendon Center will usher in a new era in its work as it consolidates its operations at North Capitol and Dupont Circle and moves into a newly acquired space, located at 1629 K Street NW, in April 2024.

The new location will house the Center’s Core Services Agency (CSA), which has been located at its North Capitol Street location since 2007. At the CSA, McClendon Center provides six core services:

  • Intake Assessment
  • Medication Management
  • Community Support
  • Clinical Care Coordination
  • Crisis and Emergency Services
  • Counseling

“We are very excited and look forward to welcoming clients and visitors to our new home,” said Sheandinita Dyson, McClendon Center’s President and CEO. “The consolidation of these two offices will create new efficiencies and, together with our Day Program, will help bring our presence downtown to new heights.”

Effective this April, McClendon Center’s operations will span two locations:

McClendon Center
Core Services Agency
1629 K Street NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20006

Day Program and Administrative Offices
1313 New York Avenue, NW, Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20005

A Celebration of Life

At the McClendon Center’s Day Program, it is always important for us to celebrate the lives of our community members. Remembering them is important, but it’s also important for our clients to know that should they pass on, they will be remembered.

Most of our clients will not have enough money for a funeral and do not have family members in their lives who will organize and pay for it. Lives lost and not remembered in any special way can be a normal occurrence for them. 

Earlier this month, we celebrated the lives of three clients, Linda Thorton, Brenda Williams, and Joseph Hewitt, and our front desk receptionist of many years, Mary Newman. The clients decided to do a “Second Line” Dance, a New Orleans tradition in their honor.

It truly was a celebration of life. 


McClendon is What I Need, It’s What I Was Missing

In a recent feature for Youth Cast Media Group, Ivan Taylor spoke about how McClendon Center President Sheandinita Dyson got through to him during his darkest days.

Despite the strong stigma attached to mental illness in Ivan’s community, he was drawn to McClendon Center’s open arms.

It was the only place he could go to comfortably express his needs and receive help for the complex issues in his life. Even while in prison, he received regular check-in calls from McClendon Center staff, letting him know that he had not been forgotten.

Watch Ivan’s Testimonial

‘Tis the season for giving back!

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