Navigating the Path to Value-Based Care: McClendon Center’s Journey with Integrated Care DC

Sheandinita Dyson, President and CEO of McClendon Center, highlights the journey of healthcare leaders striving to provide value-based care (VBC) in a recent provider video.

Dyson articulates the challenges and opportunities inherent in this pursuit, underscoring the complexity of transitioning towards VBC models. However, she emphasizes the pivotal role of support from Integrated Care DC in McClendon Center’s progress. With their assistance, McClendon Center has achieved significant milestones, including offering value-based payment options to patients, enhancing their presence as a key entity in the District of Columbia, and experiencing overall improvement through collaboration and guidance from Integrated Care DC’s experts. 

This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in navigating the complexities of healthcare delivery and underscores McClendon Center’s commitment to advancing patient-centered care in the community.


Integrated Care DC functions as a complimentary training and technical assistance center for Medicaid providers in the District of Columbia, aiding them in enhancing their practice and maximizing their effectiveness without incurring any costs.
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