The Art of Transformation is a fun and inspiring evening that helps to support McClendon Center clients. Join us online May 26, 2021 at 6:30 pm. There will be a movement and dance demonstration, games with the chance to win gift cards to José Andrés restaurants, the opportunity to purchase one of a kind client art, and a message from a special guest!

Suggested price $50 per person. As a non-profit, we’d appreciate your donation to support our work. The suggested ticket price is $50 but we’ll accept what works for you.


Thank you to everyone that made our first Dennis Hobb Meet the Need Funds campaign a success. We exceeded our goal by collecting $5,047. Because the first $5,000 is matched than means a grand total of $10,047 for the Dennis Hobb Meet the Need Funds.

What does this mean for MCC clients?

It can mean life or death. During the start of the Covid19 quarantine sites were set up in local hotels to house patients that had nowhere else to go. Late one night, three days into his stay at one of these sites, a MCC client reached our on call staff member. This client had not received any care whatsoever since his arrival. Hotel staff were not even aware his room was occupied. He had no toiletries and was in the same soiled hospital gown he had been discharged in several days prior. MCC staff immediately provided medical care, clothing, hygiene products, healthy soup, liquids to rehydrate, and necessary medications that he had gone without.

The funds needed to pay on call staff, to buy clean clothes, toothpaste and shampoo and more – all of it was made possible by donors like YOU.  And it is why we created the Dennis Hobb Meet the Need Funds. So we can always find a way to say yes and continue to provide this level of dignified care to our clients. Just like Dennis always did.

This is only one example of the good your donation can do. Thank you.

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