“…YOU are the heart and soul of McClendon Center”

A big thank you to Dr. Tanya Royster, Director of DC’s Department of Behavioral Health, for taking time to visit with McClendon Center. In October, Dr. Royster met with several of our clients as well as Dennis Hobb, our Executive Director; Sarah Barclay Hoffman, Chair of our Board of Directors, and Steve Luteran, our newly-joined Director of Health Homes and Clinical Services.

Dr. Royster, staff and clients candidly shared their thoughts about the successes and challenges that’s faced by the DC DBH — and what might help improve services for our community members struggling with mental illness and other behavior health conditions. Personal stories, viewpoints, and ideas were exchanged around the room and testaments were made espousing the benefits of community programs and services such as those provided by agencies like McClendon Center. At the conclusion of our meeting, a client ask Dr. Royster what she thought of our organization. With sincerity and heart, she looked at each one of the attendees and said, “…YOU are the heart and soul of McClendon Center” and reminded them that, when they are ready to “graduate” that she hopes they consider becoming mentors/peer counselors to the next group of individuals who come to McClendon Center seeking support and care.

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