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Grab Your Dancing Shoes: McClendon Center Goes Beyond Your Typical Talk Therapy Session

Dance Movement Therapy is part of the Expressive Art Therapies, and although it is not necessarily intended, it can often become a dance party.

Here at the McClendon Center’s Day Program, which has grown considerably since resuming in-person services this past June, it continues to be a treat to witness clients connect, experience, and express themselves creatively through movement and dance.

Dance Movement Therapy provides the space to explore the emotional, cognitive, social, and physical aspects of the body without the requirement to talk — though we do encourage it! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to positively interact and engage with peers through play.

“There seems to be a sense of liberation each client experiences from the beginning to the end of a session,” says Aisha Shabazz, the Director of Day Services, “It continues to be a pleasure witnessing clients who were once hesitant to attend Dance/Movement Therapy transition to attending a session at least once a week.”

DMT and other creative arts therapies are unique in helping people to express themselves and progress in ways not possible through more traditional talking therapies. Research supports the effectiveness of these types of therapies in helping people alleviate anxiety and depression, increase focus and foster expression, recover from traumatic events, and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

At McClendon Center, we pride ourselves on coming up with innovative ways to facilitate healing that centers the individual and their own modes of creative expression.

Becoming your best self requires embracing your individuality and not letting anything or anyone stymie your happiness.

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