Though we are technically closed we are still working hard. Some of our programs have been interrupted and others modified – but essential services remain. A number of our clients require injections as part of their treatment, which continues. For our injections, we have had to coordinate with all the companies that deliver our medications to ensure delivery on the correct days. Clients have expressed their appreciation for the nurses coming out to their house or being available in the clinic.

A hallmark of McClendon Center is that when we see a need, we find a way to meet that need. We are grateful for your support while we navigate the next few weeks and months. Along with client and staff safety, we are doing our best to keep a sense of consistency. Covid-19 has disrupted all our lives, it has not been easy. However, it is much harder for many of our clients who need a daily routine to stay connected. So, we will continue to provide as much support to them as we make our way through this crisis- together.


PS: Want to help? A donation of any size would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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